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Colored Stones

Throughout history, colored gemstones have been regarded as valuable possessions, even predating written records. Despite their longstanding significance, the jewelry industry has not always given colored gemstones the full appreciation they deserve. The latter half of the 20th century was particularly characterized by a preference for white diamonds.

At ICA | GemLab, we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard when it comes to assessing the quality of colored gemstones. Our commitment to accuracy and reliability is reflected in the information we provide to our clients.

In order to maintain consistency with industry standards, ICA | GemLab utilizes trade colors/names as deemed relevant by our color masters. Our color grading system is based on meticulous preparation and analysis of color masters that account for a range of colors and saturations.

Colored Gemstones


At ICA | GemLab we take advantage of our deep technological background combined with the brain power and experience of our gemologists. Maintaining the highest quality gem identification processes and ensuring high accuracy when determining the origin of each colored stone type is our priority.

The entire identification process is important to us, and everything that happens in-between too. From initial intake through to the finished report, we take matters further by providing a report verification system for you to make sure that your reports are authentic. Our aim is to reassure customers that their purchase is authentic.

At ICA | GemLab, we believe that every gemstone has its own story – a story worth sharing.